AD Posting Tips !

1) The first and most important thing to consider before posting your ad is to review all relative Main and Sub-categories available and choose the most relevant ones for your ad item.

2) Next, first review all ad plans to best fit your desire, then chose a FREE ad plan or a featured plan.

3) Have an email account you want to use if different from your registration email, ready and double check for typos when you enter it.

4) Have an ad listing title, description, and price already well thought out and written down to best draw in buyers.

5) Next you want to enter your location where your item is located so the buyer will know how it will get your item and then they can know how to negotiate that. Don’t forget to enter your Zip Code it helps your ad item get found through zip search.

6) When uploading your photos, the first photo will be your default primary larger photo and most important to showcase your ad. You can change your primary photo at any time using the photo box tools.

7) DON’T forget to click on the ‘Finish’ button at the end of posting or your ad will not post.

8) You may post as many FREE or Featured ads as you wish.

9) You can always edit, renew, or delete your ads.

10) Always be aware of ad replies from everyone especially when there are grammar errors, or questions that are asked that are already answered in your ad such as how much, or can you send photos, or anything else that sounds suspicious. Every classifieds site, even the biggest and greatest have scammers. Get a phone number if possible before you give out any vital information.


O.k. now Post your Ad