Create Your Own Store

Sellers if you have several items to sell you may consider creating and naming your own store (FREE) where potential buyers can find you by searching your store name.  Great for businesses and you can post as many FREE ads as you want (FREE ads do not allow any business branding or Logo advertising but do provide your website link).  It is so easy, simply use your store name as your user name when registering on this site.  (You will need to re-register if you already have an account using  your user name other than your desired store name or email address, or ask us to delete your existing account first).  Buyers can search ads by user name (Store name) and all of your ads will appear in their search.  You may want to consider making your high end item ads a Featured Ad  to stand out and show above free ads, rotate on our home page side banner ads, and get placed on our Facebook page .  You may also consider buying a Subscription Plan for Featured Ads in bulk for 10 ads at a discounted rate saving 25%.  Check out the links below.

Featured Ad Plans & Subscription Prices
 Buy & Manage Subscriptions