Terms of Use

RacingRecycler  “TERMS OF USE”

By accessing or using our site RacingRecycler.com (collectively referred to as “RR”, “us”, “we”, “our”), as a browser, shopper, buyer, an advertising poster, or anyone, you are considered and referred to as “You”, “Poster”, “seller”, or the “User” accept and agree to our “Terms of Use” or (TOU) agreement and our Privacy Policy.  We retain the right to change our TOU or our Privacy-Policy at any time and all changes will apply to any subsequent access to or use of our RR site and services.  If you do not agree to and accept all of our TOU and our Privacy-Policy you can decline by and must terminate immediately all access and use of our RR site, in which any continued access or use of our RR site is unauthorized.  When you register with RR you automatically agree to receiving our news letter and promotional emails or any other email we wish to send to you.  You may unsubscribe from our news letter and promotional emails at any time you receive one.  If you have ad listings you will still receive correspondence emails.

License and USE of Our Site

If you are 18 years of age or older, and fully understand or able to translate the English language,  we grant you nonexclusive, nonassignable, revocable, limited permission to access and use our site RR in compliance with our TOU.  You grant us unlimited, irrevocable, worldwide license to copy, use, distribute, display, and make derivative works from content you post.  You authorize us to charge your account for Fees and Taxes that may apply for the listing or posting of ads in United States currency only.  All transactions are made through PayPal, we do not retain any credit card information.  To the extent permitted by law Fees are nonrefundable even if we remove your ad or posting for violation of our TOU.

Classifieds on our site are posted by others.  We provide on our site a place for users to connect with one another. We offer ONLY Non-commercial and non-business promoting users to post FREE Ads or PAID Featured Silver Ad listings with the exception of— A commercial business can post stand alone item ads without promoting their business name, Logo, Brand, or their products or service, without promoting their business in any way.  Anyone wishing to promoting a business Name Logo, Brand, or their products or services must choose our FEATURED GOLD BUSINESS PLAN. (See AD Plans)  We will notify anyone that fails to comply an opportunity to purchase our FEATURED GOLD BUSINESS PLAN, and their non compliant ad will be removed. The user may be blocked from using our site if we find repeat attempts otherwise.  No commercial business may post their business name, logo, contact information, or sale promotions in any FREE or other PAID ad plan other than our FEATURED GOLD BUSINESS PLAN.  Any user posting commercial business information or advertising in the primary photo of any other plan will have their ad removed by us and may be blocked from using our site.   We do not own or sell posted items or services on our RR site.  All contact, communications, and sale negotiations between users, buyers, and sellers (posters) are made without our involvement.  Except for the process of a user or seller posting an ad or advertisement on our RR site,  we do not get involved in any sales transactions or transfers of money for any sale of any item or service offered by any user, selling poster, or buyer.  All sales negotiations, sales transactions, and exchange of goods and services must be made with within Local, State, and Federal laws and are solely at the responsibility of and between the sellers (posters) and buyers or users.  All sales disputes that may arise from the use of our classifieds must be resolved between the Seller (poster) and the buyer or user without our involvement.  We do not screen or qualify any user, Seller (poster), or buyer of our RR site.  All users, sellers (posters) and buyers are responsible for collecting and paying all taxes that may apply for a transaction between them.  You are to use our RR site within the margins of all Local, State, and Federal laws, and with respect to all our users and our RR site.  Users may only create and maintain one account for themselves for the purpose of posting ads for only themselves, no third party posting or automated software or mechanisms are allowed.  No repetitive listings in multiple categories is allowed.  All listings, postings, and sales posted or advertised on our site are to be denoted in United States currency only.  All users are responsible for all other forms of currency translations, calculations, and transactions away from and off our RR site.


You agree we may moderate RR access and use in our sole discretion, without notice, to regulate content by deleting, delaying, filtering, preventing access, or terminating any user account or license.  We retain the right to cancel and remove at any time, any posted ad, advertisement, or close any user account when ever we feel the need for any reason or violation of our TOU.  We retain the right at any time and will block any IP address as we feel needed.  Any user may contact us at any time via the contact page to have their user account and their personal information deleted

We are not responsible for and you agree to never hold us liable in any way for–

  • Any malicious, misrepresented, inaccurate, or falsely intended promises, actions, or claims made by any user of our site.  All access and use is at your own risk.
  • Any fail of payment, fail of delivery, or unsatisfactory delivery of any sales agreement by a buyer, seller (poster), or any user of our site.
  • Any downtime by our RR site or our hosting server that may occur at any time for any ads posted, uses, or advertisements by a business.
  • Any harm, in any manner in any way from the use of this site.
  • Any obscene, pornographic, rude, vulgar images or language posted on this site.  We will work to remove any found or flagged on this site as quickly as possible.
  • Any laws broken by any user, poster, seller, or buyer.
  • Any cancellation, blocking, and or removal by us or any user of any posted ad, advertisement, or account, or our blocking of any IP address.
  • Any violations of our TOU by any user of our RR site.
  • Not refunding any fees for listings or posting of ads on our RR site.

Other Unauthorized and Prohibited Use

  • It is prohibited and you agree not to copy, distribute, make derivative works, or sell any photos, personal information, code, or content from our RR site.
  • You agree not to use software or services that circumvents, interacts, inter operates with our RR site for but not limited to posting, uploading, downloading, searching, flagging, for mobile use, or Emailing except for emailing from our site to contact a poster for the purpose of negotiating the sale of their goods or service posted, or general web browsing.
  • All unlawful, misleading, unsolicited, email and spam postings are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited and you agree to never collect (except for contacting a poster to make or inquire about a purchase by you) or distribute users contact and/or personal information.
  • It is prohibited and you may never add, alter, copy, or remove any of our code.
  • All crawlers, spiders, scripts, robots, and scrapers are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited and you agree not to post any inflammatory, pornographic, unauthorized, or unlicensed photos or content, text, or any malicious content on our site.
  • It is prohibited to post, list or upload any same items or content repetitively in multiple or inappropriate categories in attempt to circumvent our RR site systems and offers.
  • It is prohibited to solicit our users to post on other classifieds sites, shop other classifieds sites, or post links on our RR site to other sites.
  • It is prohibited to advertise or post any illegal goods or services for sale, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and drugs of any kind.